Endure Las Vegas Without Losing An Arm And A Leg

By Matthew Priedsley

Visiting the gambling Mecca in Nevada need not to be ridiculously financially crippling for anyone. At least for the smart ones who choose to stay away from the practices in Las Vegas which could cost them a hundred dollars per drink. I've heard a lot of stuff from friends who have visited Las Vegas and they all have one thing to say in common. It costs an arm and a leg for one to get through a single night in Vegas so what more for those who practically live there.

Well for one, I'm pretty sure folks who practically live in Vegas know by now how to get through every single night of drinking, gambling and partying without having to empty your pocket and bank accounts clean. If you'd only learn to take it from the ones who know it more than the gamblers scattered all over Las Vegas, you'd survive for more than a week and still come back completely.

First thing you must keep in mind is to try to avoid super fancy hotels with all that blinking and blinding lights all over it. They charge so much as if you are paying for their monthly electricity bill on your 3-night stay all together. The rates they bill customers still does not include the tips that just about every bellboy, room service attendant and housekeeping personnel usually are expecting to get from you for doing a superb job bringing your bottle of water for you or for dangling your coat and hat by the rack. Isn't that something?

Sometimes I think I could get rich just by getting a job hanging coats and hats on the rack in Vegas. You can find really cheap and affordable hotels at least a mile away from those blinking hotels and it they could cost as less as $60 per night. I don't think the dancers even hang out there because they think it's such a terrible place to be in. But not for tourists who want to save on cash and wouldn't mind a small room to stay in for the night.

The next thing to remember is to not take the taxi cab. Your room is not really that far away from the strip of casinos and hotels so it would be better to walk going to the clubs. I'm sure that when you get there, you shall be sitting the whole time. And aside from that, taxi cabs in Las Vegas don't charge by mileage but by time. The lengthier you stay within the cab, the more your bill is. So try to avoid cabs if you would like to save funds.

Finally, most likely one of the greatest pointers I may give you from my own experience is to grab as much food as you could from the buffet table in the hotel where you are usually staying. Typically, rooms and hotels, no matter how affordable they are, will have a very good breakfast, lunch or dinner buffet table that you could eat from. Keep your stomach full with apples, cookies, brownie bars, bread and also other dry food that you could slip into your bag to keep you going for a few hours. I've seen a lot of people do this so you are not alone.

Just follow these tips and you will surely make it in Vegas. - 31810

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Learning The Hand Rankings In Poker

By Getsin Boonsca

Poker has been the most popular card game in the society today. It is not only available through different land based venues and casinos but also in different online poker rooms. It is considered as a game of chance and probability because the wining card depends on the flip every round. There have been a lot of annual tournaments in the world today to give recognition to top professional players all over the world that earns millions in playing poker.

In every poker game, all players starts with the same amount of poker chips and only one player takes all the chips and crowned as winner of the game. A deck of 52 cards is used in this game that is the same throughout the whole world. Poker has not only captured poker players in land based poker venues but has also increased all its players in increasing numbers of online poker rooms.

Poker is played in an oblong table that usually consists of ten players. Each player receives two cards from the community cards to connect it with the five cards in the center. All players must be familiar with the different hand rankings for them to know their stand in the game.

Below is a list of card combination from the lowest to the highest hand rankings:

One pair. You can have any pair of any cards having the number and different suit. It is considered as the lowest pair of cards.

Two pairs - Having two pair of same number and different suit, you will definitely defeat the player with one pair of cards.

Three of a kind. It is commonly known as "trio." You need to have three cards of the same number and three different suits to defeat players having one and two pairs.

Straight. It consists of five cards in numerical order even not in the same suit.

Flush. This combination is consists of five cards in same suit and numbers are not in sequential orders. An example would be 2 hearts, 5 hearts, 6 hearts, 9 hearts, Queen of hearts.

6.Full House. It is a combination of three cards having the same number with different suit and one pair of any number.

Four of a kind. It consists of four cards having the same number in all four suits.

Straight Flush - It consists of five cards in numerical order and having the same suit. A perfect example would be 2, 3, 4,5, and 6 of hearts.

9.Royal flush. It is the highest t card combination in every poker game. It is composed of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit. - 31810

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Searching The Web For Free Poker Training Online

By Adam Kronwell

Poker is one of the most popular card games. However, there are several different versions. This can make a very complicated for the untrained player. Fortunately for the beginner, there are plenty of websites where you can have free poker training. Rakebackftw.com, and sites like it are happy Key Key easy to find.

To find one of these sites , one generally only has to do a quick search. Use keywords like "poker training online", "free online training for poker", or any combination of those words. Next you must choose a few sites to look at.

When researching these websites make sure that they are teaching exactly what you want to know. Some sites teach every form of poker available. Other sites only teach specifics. When you're doing a search, make sure that you are specific. The more specific you are, the better your chances are of finding things you're looking for.

Explore a few of the links that come up. Choose links that look interesting. There are a few things you want to look at for each site.

Let's pretend you choose a site similar to rakebackftw.com. This particular site offers a lot of poker related information. They have a few services that are related to poker. They also offer on free training videos.

Not all sites offer the same things. That is why it's important to look through as many sites as possible, before making a decision on which one to go it. One of the first things you want to look at with selecting a website is their policies. Some websites require you to use this tournament feature before you can access the online videos. You need to know what features there are and how much it's going to cost if anything.

Searching for free poker training is not hard. You really just need to have the right key words, and a great search engine. Before too long you will be a poker master, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it too. - 31810

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A RapidPeek Into The Amazing Story Of Modern Day Texas Holdem Hall of Famer "Texas Dolly" Doyle Brunson

By Adam Kronwell

What do you if your professional basketball career is cut short because a factory accident fractures your leg? For Doyle Brunson, the answer was obvious; become a titan of poker. Brunson, who was born in 1933 in Texas, has been playing professional poker now for over fifty years and has become a legend of the game.

Brunson had the eye of the Minneapolis Lakers of the NBA and he harbored hopes of an NBA career. After a mountain of sheetrock fell on his leg while he was unloading it on the factory floor and it broke his leg in two places, he knew it was time to rethink his future. Doyle went on to complete both his B. A. And M. A degrees. He also launched his poker career with the Texas Rounders.

The Texas Rounders was a group of men who traveled through Texas playing in high stakes poker games. In the 1950s and 60s the band of poker players became infamous. In one documentary on the group, it was said they had "cleaned Texas dry."

Moving on from the scene of smoky backroom tables, Brunson headed to none other than Las Vegas. Here, his skills in poker lead to millions of dollars worth of winnings and several championships. He won his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet in 1975, which came with a cash prize of $230,00. Since then, he has won 9 more bracelets, most recently in 2005.

In addition to his earnings from professional poker playing, Brunson has leveraged his fame and expertise into highly profitable book sales with his book on Texas Hold 'Em. First available in 1978, the book stills sells over thirteen thousand copies a month.

Doyle Brunson, who is now over 67 years old, is still actively playing poker. Recently, both his son and daughter have been playing in the same tournaments, often outlasting him. In 2005, his son Todd took home the WSOP bracelet in an Omaha Hi-Lo event. - 31810

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Lets Have a Look at Various Types of Poker Opponents

By Thomas Kearns

Sometimes you can hear players complain that they simply couldn't carry the game because somebody "was always raising on the preflop" or "answering before the river" or something of the kind. As a rule, these are inexperienced players who have not yet become aware of the possibility to observe opponents in order to classify them. Not only do they not make their own classifications, but they are unaware of the classic categories of poker player types.

The failure to understand this phenomenon contributes to inflexibility and when up against an unknown strategy, the player will find himself at sea. He is not prepared and therefore will not be able to adapt quickly enough if at all.

The more experienced players know that poker is not a game of precise information, rather it is a game of improvisation, instincts along with finely tuned tactics, and one that requires quick adaptation to opponents' strategies, tricks, and idiosyncrasies.

With this in mind, you know that no player can ever be totally prepared and it will take certainly more than one strategy and none of them will be without risk. If this is all you remember, you will be much more prepared to face the challenges that lie ahead without fear or utter paralysis.

The next step is to familiarize yourself with the classic basic types of poker players. Maniacs, tight, and loose players each require that you adopt a distinctive attitude. In principle, any deviation by your opponents from the optimal game means gain: a good player is only glad to play against fish and maniacs. Occasionally you might lose against such opponents, even lose a lot during especially unlucky sessions, but in the long run you should always be able to win significantly more than you lose against such players.

The loose type of opponent is your bread and butter. They are easy and profitable. Such players play beyond the scope of their hands, they stay when they should fold and will answer any call with lousy draws and basically weak hands. Bluffing is not in their nature, neither is taking the most advantage of whatever good hands they may receive. Their good hands go unprotected. In technical poker speak, their parameters are likely VPIP over 40%, PFR under 10%, AF under 1.5, and WSD of over 40%.

Tight opponents: perhaps not the most profitable, but fairly easy pray. They play only the best hands, for the most part very aggressively. Their main weakness is that they are easily read and that they don't protect blinds. Their parameters are usually VPIP under 15%, PFR under 10%.

By far the most unpredictable types are the aggressive-loose player and the maniacs. With a little bit of a smile from lady luck, however, these can offer up some major earnings for you, but be prepared to take some losses along the way. The maniac will play a card no matter what, and will avidly bet, raise and re-raise. Some of their opponents are driven nuts by this and shun the maniac. Don't you be one of them - stick with the maniacs, they are not difficult to overcome. You need a hand with average cards and the tenacity to remain in the game until the bitter end (not bitter for you if you have any skill at all). In poker parlance, their parameters are likely to be VPIP over 50%, PFR over 20%, and AF over 2.5.

Bringing up the end is the competent player. This is one to avoid if you can help it. It is much more difficult to make money off them. They tend to be tight aggressive players with parameters in the VPIP=20%, PFR=10%, and AP=2,5 range. As when playing any strong opponent, you will need to rise to the occasion and hope for a little luck to come your way. - 31810

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Stud Poker And Texas Hold'em Up Close

By Gomicsa Fueska

Hundreds of people noticed the popularity of poker in the society today. It has been admired by most people in the society in a short period of time. Most people would certainly switch their particular enjoyment activities as well as bonding memories into playing poker along with friends and family. The two most popular variants of poker are Stud Poker and Texas Hold'em. Each of these poker variations are commonly played in various land based locations and roughly share identical character.

The original version of Stud poker has been the 5-Card-Stud which has began through the American Civil War. It was absolutely the initial card game that started to be the favorite game within Finland. Texas Hold'em otherwise was presented last 1900 while as it had been recognized at Robstown, Texas.

Stud Poker and Texas Hold'em are both played using the deck of 52 cards that is universal and the same throughout the World. Stud Poker is a non positional game where each player can move around the table and change positions every after round. Each player receives a mix of face-down and face-up cards. On the other hand, in playing Texas Hold'em position of each player is constant until the game is finished and only one winner takes home the entire poker chips of each player.

Betting is among the essential features in playing poker. In Stud Poker, restricted betting system is not feasible for the reason that bet of each player is frequently larger compare to the first round especially whenever an open pair is present. It has a lot of betting rounds that can possess distributed limit or fixed limit.

In comparison to Stud poker, Texas Hold'em has a possible limited betting structure because of the small blind and big blind of the game. Each player will be given the chance to be the small and big blinds of each game. The player sited at the left side of the dealer will be the first player to become the small blind and the next to him will be the big blind.

Each player should play with the use of different poker strategies in order to win the game. They should be familiar with the different poker strategies in order to win the game. Both of these poker variants would require the skills and mastery of each player in order to succeed in any poker game.

Stud poker and Texas Hold'em are both popular in poker tournaments all over the world. These two variants are present in different land based areas on in gaming establishments. These variants can also be played online so that player can enhance their skills regularly at the comfort of their own home. - 31810

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How To Place A Bet In Poker

By Kensurre Benliu

When playing poker, it is always best to know the right procedures used in the game. Betting in poker is very important and as poker players, you need to know the right time to raise a bet for it is where the game is centered. Poker variants may have different formats in placing a bet and would also depend based on the rules of the State. Rules and regulations posted by different facilitators for land based venues and administrators from online gaming sites should always be followed.

Each player is required to place their bet following the betting structure of the game. Most variants of poker game start the game with the player from the left side of the dealer. The player can decide whether he will check, bet or raise in every round. Once the player has announced its decision, he cannot change it anymore, unless it is his turn again to decide. Players may also fold their cards after the flop if they do not want to place another bet in the pot money to compete against other players.

The first round of the game is the opening round. It is where players place a bet in the pot money. The big blind of the round determines the minimum amount of bet in each round. However, players can only place a higher stake if the game does not have a limited betting structure.

It is the responsibility of the dealer to distribute the cards to each player and to place the three cards in the middle. As the player places the flop in the middle, another betting round is made. The small blind of the game will first decide whether they will check, raise another bet or fold their cards. When all the players made their decision, the dealer will now open the flop and another betting is made until the five cards are all shown. All the additional bets in every round are placed in the pot money. When all players agreed to check on the cards, no additional amount of money is added in the pot money. Check is the same as pass in every card game.

Players have all the right, whether to pass or fold. There could be times when the player folds their cards in the middle of the game, in situations like this, the player who folds his cards forfeits any chance of winning the pot money. When two players are left in the game, each of them should be able to agree on the same amount of bets and compete for the pot money. The player closes to the small blind always makes the first decision and move.

The player who holds the highest card combination wins the game. The winning player gets to take home all the money in the pot. Poker is a game of chance and probability. It is not finished with one round only. Some poker variants end the game if only one player takes all the poker chips. - 31810

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